On-Chain Farms That Ramp Up Your Token

TokensFarm is a cross-chain service platform, that utilizes the most up-to-date farming protocol code. Boost your token performance with no effort!

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TokensFarm Runs on all the EVM chains


Binance Smart Chain

Polygon (Matic)



Moon River


OKEX Chain





TokensFarm Products

Incentivize users to engage with your token. Stake, add liquidity or distribute the token on parallel chains. Just fill in the request form, and we'll do the rest for you!


Vesting Contract

Give your users a simple, trusted contract to claim their tokens. Allow users to pre-select their desired chain, and claim by demand.

TokensFarm provides three types of vesting contracts:

TokensFarm Features


All TokensFarm smart contracts are independently audited by leading blockchain security firms

Market Place

TokensFarm's explore section increases your farms’ discoverability and exposure

Cross-Chain Swaps

Expand your token reach to new chains and markets with the integrated cross-chain bridge of chainport.io

Human Support

Live direct conversations with humans, powered chatbots & messaging tools help, written guides, videos, and more

Full Transparency

The contracts are fully transparent. Users can view farm’s code, stats, audits, and more, all through a simple infographic UI


Get the farm metrics from our API. Collect data, and connect it with your website buttons, banners, and more

TokensFarm contracts audited by

What’s Included in a Tokens Farm?

  • Smart-contract deployment & Integration
  • Compatible with MetaMask & six other popular wallets
  • Fully customizable farm page design
  • Support bot human-managed support bot for all farms
  • Listing on TokensFarm Marketplace / explore section
  • Full QA cycle + Ropsten testing environment
  • A token-specific dedicated domain for hosting all of the farms
  • Domain hosting + Cloudflare Security
  • TokensFarm expert guide on farms best metrics & publishing
  • Full customer support before and after farm creation
  • Root smart-contract independent audit
  • Listing on farm aggregators

Products in Development


Perpetual Staking Farm

Create an ongoing staking contract for your token. Incentivize your community to Hodl for a longer duration


Uni V3 Farm

Launch LP Farm contract for your token on Uniswap V3


NFT Farm

Mint and reward unique NFTs for staking your token and expand your token utilities

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Frequently asked Questions

What is TokensFarm?

TokensFarm is a cross-chain Farms-As-A-Service provider offering deployable farms that can be live within hours. It provides an easy-to-use interface, allows projects to incentivize liquidity, and strengthens token and project stability while gaining exposure to TokensFarm hundred of thousands of followers and users. TokensFarm supports all EVM chains & DEXs and doesn’t require coding or integrations.

At the same time, it enables crypto investors to have a one-stop shop to earn a yield on different tokens, lowering the entry barrier to DeFi space.

Who created TokensFarm?

TokensFarm was established during the summer of 2021 by the Decentralab Team. Dcentralab was founded in 2017 to create an ecosystem of on-chain products designed to accelerate blockchain mass adoption. To date, we’ve developed four different products, including ChainPort and TokensFarm. Decentralab’s products produce value, increase transparency, and lead the decentralized revolution.

Is TokensFarm secure?

TokensFarm puts a heavy emphasis on security and understands its profound importance. TokensFarm’s contracts have undergone a minimum of two independent audits. These audits were conducted by the biggest names in the world of blockchain security.

Which blockchains are supported?

TokensFarm supports all leading blockchains and DEXs. Supported chains include Ethereum, and most EVMs, while supported DEXs include PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and Quickswap. TokensFarm will add additional DEXs and chains in the future.

Which wallets are supported?

TokensFarm supports all popular wallet options. Supported wallets include Metamask, Ledger, Trezor, Coinbase Wallet, and many others.

What is Yield Farming?

Yield farming is an investment strategy based on DeFi (decentralized finance) to maximize cryptocurrency returns. Returns for yield farming are generally calculated in annual percentage yields or APYs.

What is a dynamic APY?

The Dynamic APY calculates and adjusts the APY based on the number of farm participants and the number of tokens or TVL locked.

The fewer participants a farm has, the greater the rewards. Dynamic APY also works in vice versa, and the larger number of participants a farm has, the lower the APY.

What is TVL, and how is it calculated?

Total value locked or TVL is the number of user funds a DeFi protocol holds, usually in a USD equivalent. These funds may be locked in a protocol for different functionalities such as lending, staking, or providing liquidity. TVL is calculated by multiplying the number of tokens vested by their value in USD.

What are the risks of yield farming?

All forms of investment contain risk. With yield farming, the most significant risks are smart contracts exploits, gas costs, and impermanent loss. If not appropriately audited and secured, smart contracts can face exploits and hacks by bad actors. Gas costs or Tx fees can become expensive on specific blockchains at certain times, cutting profitability.

Impermanent loss can also affect farmers. When farmers provide liquidity to a token pair on a DEX, one of the tokens can shift sharply in value. If that occurs, it negatively affects the farmers' returns.

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