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Token Minter

Secure and hassle-free token minting on over 70 chains.

How it Works

TokensFarm’s Token Minter uses a battle-tested architecture and simplifies the token generation process.

Simply contact our team, and we’ll work with you directly to create a fully audited custom token contract based on your specifications that we will mint on any of our supported chains.

Contract Design

Why Mint your Token with TokensFarm?

Create a Token
  • Custom Smart Contracts

    Create a token that meets your specific needs, on any network you select.

  • Multichain

    Launch your token on any chain and simultaneously across multiple networks.

  • Audited

    Stay safe, knowing that your smart contracts are secure for you and your users and audited by the DcentraLab Diligence team.

  • Launch Assistance

    Get assistance with your token’s launch from our dedicated support team.

Customizable Contract Functions

  • Upgradable Contracts

  • Address Whitelisting & Blacklisting

  • Malicious Funds Burning

  • Temporary Contract Pausing

  • Transaction Fees & Taxation

Launch Your Token Today

Request a token creation by filling out this form. Our team will contact you and assist with setting up a token shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TokensFarm?

TokensFarm is the leading platform to create or participate in crypto token farming programs easily. Currently, TokensFarm is a leading yield service provider, according to DefiLlama. These farms engage their communities, have been audited by top blockchain security firms, and can be deployed in minutes. We currently offer two types of farms: staking farms and liquidity pool farms, commonly referred to as LP farms.

On which chains can I mint tokens?

TokensFarm’s Token Minter supports all EVM blockchains. Supported chains include Ethereum BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom, OKEx chain, and 70 others.

How long does it take?

The time required to mint tokens can vary depending on the functionalities chosen. For a standard token, development time should be 24-72 hours.

Why use Token Minter?

Token Minter offers audited contracts, ensuring maximum security for your token creation. With customizable features, fast development, and low costs. It's the ideal platform for swiftly bringing your token to life with top-notch security measures in place.

What are custom functionalities?

Custom functionalities refer to tailored features integrated into your token to align with your project's vision. These include upgradable contracts, address whitelisting/blacklisting, burning malicious funds, temporary contract pausing, and transaction fees/taxation. Custom functionalities allow greater flexibility and control over your token's behavior.