Multi-Chain Vesting Contract

Distribute Tokens Automatically and Transparently

TokensFarm's multi-chain vesting contracts allow the release of tokens to whitelisted addresses in various methods, with full customization, and on multiple chains

What is a MultiChain Vesting Contract

With TokensFarm's multi-chain vesting contracts, projects can release tokens to whitelisted addresses in various methods. It allows teams to transparently and efficiently release tokens allocated to themselves and early investors after a TGE.

Using TokensFarm's vesting contracts, crypto projects can avoid human errors, increase trust, and improve their security in one transparent contract and with no effort.

Distribute on Multiple Chains at Once. Let Users Select Their Preferred Chain

If your token is on multiple chains, you can allow users to select on which chain they want to get their tokens from, and which chain is the default.

Users can select and modify their selection up to 48 hours before the distribution starts.

Customize the Distribution Method.
Linear, Iterative, or Airdrop.

At TokensFarm, you can choose between three different types of vesting contracts: Airdrop, Linear and Iterative.


In a linear vesting contract, also known as an ongoing vesting contract, the tokens are distributed all the time, block by block.

Tokens are released every second and can be claimed whenever a user wants, as the counter keeps going up.


In an Airdrop vesting contract, the tokens are distributed all together at the same time.

The project will set the date, time, number of tokens, and eligible addresses.

What’s Included

  • Development
    • Smart-contract deployment and integration
    • Fully customizable token & farm page design
    • End-to-end QA cycle
  • Support
    • Personal support before and after the contract deployment
    • Direct channel for contract adjustments and updates after the launch
    • Automated reports on multiple channels
    • Design kit with embeddable materials
  • Features
    • Complete data API endpoints
    • Compatible with MetaMask, Ledger, Wallet connect & other popular wallets
    • Live chat-bot and email support
    • Chain-based automated link redirection
  • Security
    • Root smart-contract independent audit
    • Automated 24/7 monitoring and alerting
    • Dedicated URL with Cloudflare protection

TokensFarm Runs on all EVM Chains

  • Ethereum
  • BNB
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon
  • Optimism
  • Fantom
  • Telos
  • Arbitrum
  • HECO
  • Aurora
  • Celo
  • Fuse
  • Moonriver
  • Boba
  • KCC
  • OKX
+70 more EVMs

More Features

TokensFarm offers additional flexible features that can be tailored precisely to your Web3 project's goals

Partial Funding

Add a small percentage of the tokens to the contract and add more tokens later during the vesting period. Enjoy the highest level of security without worrying about an unlikely breach with our risk-free contract.

Allow Users to Withdraw and Stake Directly

Participants in TokensFarm’s multi-chain vesting contracts can withdraw their tokens and stake them into a TokensFarm staking farm with the click of a button.

Modifications after Deployment

TokensFarm vesting is an upgradable contract. You can add or remove participants from the list when needed.

TokensFarm API & White Label

Host your farm in parallel on your website with your fully customized design. TokensFarm provides a complete API for your farm stats for easy integration.

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TokensFarm Rev-share Model

Projects can choose to implement an additional $1 Tx fee ($2 on Ethereum) paid by users in a small extra gas fee per withdraw.

The fees will be accrued in the chain tokens and redistributed equally between the project and TokensFarm, covering some or all contract costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TokensFarm?

TokensFarm is the leading platform to create or participate in crypto token farming programs easily. Currently, TokensFarm is a leading yield service provider, according to DefiLlama. These farms engage their communities, have been audited by top blockchain security firms, and can be deployed in minutes. We currently offer two types of farms: staking farms and liquidity pool farms, commonly referred to as LP farms.

What is a crypto farm? (Yield Farming)

Yield farming is the process of staking or lending cryptocurrency to receive high returns in the form of a cryptocurrency or token. It is an innovative application of decentralized finance (DeFi), which has recently grown in popularity. Yield farming is one of the largest growth drivers in the relatively new DeFi sector.

What is the difference between LP farming and staking?

There are many similarities between LP & staking farms. Both are generally referred to as “farming” and use the same coding logic used in their smart contracts. There are some differences between LP & staking farms, however. 

Staking requires only one specific token. Farmers receive rewards in the form of the token they’ve chosen proportional to the number of tokens staked.

LP farming works for specific pairs (e.g. BNB/BUSD) on a DEX. Anyone can add liquidity to a pair on a DEX in exchange for token rewards generated in part by trading fees. Farmers that provide liquidity receive an LP token representing their share of the pool. Farmers can then stake the LP token they’ve received at TokensFarm for additional rewards.

Where do the rewards come from?

Rewards are deposited by the token issuer as part of their marketing campaign and/or incentive initiatives. Crypto tokens usually have a limited supply. Therefore, the largest rewards will be given in the early stages of any project.

What is a multichain vesting contract?

Web3 development teams and early investors are granted token allocations as part of their terms. Multichain Vesting Contracts automates the process transparently using smart contracts. Whitelisted addresses can select their preferred chain and receive tokens. Multichain Vesting Contracts offer three different token distribution schedules, so it can suit any Web3 project.

What is a dynamic APY, and how is it calculated?

A dynamic APY is a functionality that automatically adjusts the APY value for the active period as follows: reward per block/ number of tokens staked for that block * number of blocks in 1 full year = APY.

Whereas reward per block = program's reward total / total number of blocks in the program

A dynamic APY goes down when more users participate in a farm & goes up when users leave.

What blockchains are supported?

Currently, we support all the Ethereum virtual machine-compatible blockchains such as BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom, OKEx chain, and more.

Is there a limit to the number of people or tokens that can take part in a farm?

There is no limit on the number of participants. The contract can have as many participants and tokens as possible. Rewards are divided according to the relative holding of each participant out of the total tokens in the contract. As users remove or add tokens to the contract, the APY is adjusted automatically and accordingly.

How can I create a farm for a token?

If you want to create a farm for your token, please follow this link for more information & a “farm request” link.

If you want to farm a specific token (not created by you), share our website with the project owners!

Is my stake lost if I lose access to my wallet?

There is no way to unstake your tokens if you lose access to your wallet. Your address and its assets are stored on the smart contract and cannot be changed.

What is the security protocol of TokensFarm?

TokensFarm uses the highest security standards in the crypto space. All of Tokensfarm’s smart contracts have been audited by top security firms, and the majority have gone over two separate & independent audits. The audit reports can be seen below in our website’s footer.

Are there risks associated with farming?

Like other aspects of cryptocurrencies and financial instruments, farming contains some risk. It is recommended that before using TokensFarm, do your own research on how staking farms, LP farms, and smart contracts work. Make sure to understand the risks, review the audits, and read our terms of service.

Never risk more than you can afford to lose!

TokensFarm has no part in the management of the tokens presented on the website. They are under the responsibility of the companies that issued them.